2nd Annual Spring and Summer Fashion Show

Playing dress-up has always been a fun part of every woman’s childhood, so why should age stop us from enjoying the pleasure of looking and feeling pretty. With the help of Dress Barn, The Fountains at Washington House hosts a fashion show twice a year, one in the Spring/Summer and one in the Fall/Winter as a fun way for residents to get pampered and strut their stuff on the runway.

Resident Jack Dunne describes his recollection of the event in the below article.

The Fountains at Washington House Annual Spring and Summer Fashion Show

The Women of The Fountains at Washington House enhanced and solidified the tradition begun with the first Fashion Show presented in May, 2013. Each of them selected their outfits once again from the Dress Barn in the Bradlee Shopping Center. They chose warm-weather and warming-weather clothes that matched current weather and temperatures to come.

Our models walked through an arch festooned with white, gold, green, and purple balloons; and these colors were light and “springy.” They then glided down and up our runway, moving elegantly, smiling at their friends and neighbors, responding to all the cheering sections along their route, and obviously enjoying themselves as much as we their audience were. Dennis and others along the way were taking pictures to help all of us remember the fun and class generated by the models. Mimi Goff, manager of the Dress Barn, described all the models and their outfits as they made their ways down and up the runway. We were treated again to a wonderful collaboration between Washington House and Dress Barn.

One of our models admitted that she didn’t know how models were supposed to walk. So she just “winged it.” And she – and the other nine models – proceeded with grace and style. Their smiles did the rest!

Our models were: residents – Akiko, Carmen Callan, Ellye, Julia, Kathy and Priscilla: staff associates – Carmen Mejia, Joy, Leslie and Maricel. Each staff associate modeled two outfits. We thank all of you for your time, talent, willingness to “push the envelope,” and once again contribute to The Fountains at Washington House. To the Women of The Fountains at Washington House: we thank you, we love you, and we appreciate all you do for us.

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