Celebrating Wellness at The Fountains with Introduction to Qigong

Residents at The Fountains didn’t want to miss this extraordinary opportunity to learn the Ancient Chinese Art of Vitality and Wellbeing known as Qigong. Master John Munro, from New Zealand, is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, martial arts expert and Qigong Teacher who made an appearance at The Fountains to introduce gentle exercises. Founder of Long White Cloud Qigong and Kung Fu, he has students and instructors all over the world. His passion is helping people to feel the flow of Qi, and apply this awareness to all aspects of day-to-day life. The residents truly enjoyed this wellness session with Master John Munro and be able to learn how to do simple movement, breathing and moving meditation that cultivate “qi” (life force energy). The residents were also delighted to learn that these gentle exercises from this ‘internal martial art’ (also called Taoist Yoga) can bring greater physical and mental health – reducing pain, stress, and anxiety.

Master John Munro
Introduction to Qigong

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