The Fountains at Washington House: A Learning Community

Man with Camera_000007033222The below article was written by resident Jack Dunne:

The Fountains at Washington House: A Learning Community

The Fountains at Washington House certainly is. Look no further than the Daily Community Life Schedule to see many opportunities to nourish ourselves physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. The choices we make may emphasize one area but touch all four.

Do helpful exercises with Kevin and Carmen. Our Book Club, Current Events, Great Decisions and Tell Us Your Story Watermark University classes, keep us thinking about our world and ourselves. Sing with the Skytones and dance with Dennis and Carmen. Take part in spiritual and religious services: Baptist, Catholic, Episcopalian, Jewish, Presbyterian. Study the Bible with Ruth; and think, reflect, talk, and listen in reflections Carmen facilitates. Learn and enjoy art with our resident artists continually producing colorful, meaningful renderings of the creation around and in us.

Two points leap out at us to reinforce the power of these activities. The first is that the enumerated list is not exhaustive. “But wait! There’s more.” The second is that all participants are residents of The Fountains at Washington House. Doing these activities, we listen, speak, and learn from one another, and carry over these acts in our “routine” daily conversations and at meals.

Wow! What an active, accomplished, and still accomplishing group we are. Keep on speaking, listening to, and learning from one another, using the three Cs: Be Constant, Consistent, and Continual. At The Fountains at Washington House, we are all learners. Here we are all teachers.

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